Growing Instances of Crime in Nashville

The growing instances of crimes inside homes and offices have made people anxious about the safety of their loved ones as well as their valuables. That is why an increasing number of people are hiring the services of professional and trustworthy Nashville locksmith services to ensure failsafe security for their homes and business premise.

Professionals help individuals in assessing the security threats and identifying the safety loopholes within a premise. Whether it is the installation of push button locks or a change of locks, their expertise in identifying the varying security needs of different clients, helps people choose the right kind of security solution, which is not only fail proof but affordable as well.

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The official flag of the Nashville metropolitan government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For complete home audit in order to ensure the best security, individuals need to provide full support and cooperation to them. This includes sharing informational about the valuables kept within the premise, any odd or unusual habits of family members, or even the details of floor plan and architecture of a building. Since, all this information is extremely personal, it is important to choose a honest and reliable person who gives utmost importance to maintain the privacy and integrity of their clients.

Most professional locksmith service providers work on a one to one basis with their clients. This helps in not only maintaining the highest level of confidentiality abut also develops a bond of trust, which can prove critical for the security of a premise.

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New Law Enforcement Cameras to go up in East Nashville TN

As per a recent report published on the Nashville City Paper, new range of law enforcement cameras is set to go up in East Nashville, Tennessee. These cameras would be great for controlling crime and will provide additional evidence from the place of crime. These cameras are up on the areas Shelby Avenue, Lafayette Street and Gallatin Pike.

These new cameras will use the latest wireless technology and will help the Nashville police in supervising crime around the area. These cameras will allow the police to view suspected activities from their office computers.


Photo Credit:- Nashville City Paper

It is a good move by the Nashville council to stop the increasing crime rates. These type of high end security cameras should also be opted by the business and residents. This will allow each and every suspected activity to be recorded, helping the police take superior actions accordingly. The local locksmiths are busy with the installation of security cameras in both residential and commercial areas.


Home Security: the need of the hour

Due to the growing number of residential crimes these days, the home security has become a big and the most talked about issue these days. Do not forget to call emergency Nashville locksmith when in need. Otherwise, securing the home from the threat of the burglars is indeed not a child’s play, but a thoughtful strategy can secure the home from the possible threats. Here are some tips for home security:

Locks and keys

The locks and keys and the security of home walks miles together. One should make it a habit to lock the doors of the rooms as well as the main door when one steps out of the house. The keys of the house must be carried with great care when one travels out for work or for recreation.

Miniature House With Lock and Chain

Doors and windows

One good habit can secure the home from the intruders. The windows of the rooms must be kept closed and locked, giving no scope to the intruders to peep inside the house and play the trick once they find it empty.

Keep the home lighted

This is one strategy which is used to fool the intruders when one goes off for a vacation. A lighted house always project that someone is residing in the house and thus the chances of the house being robbed diminishes. The security of the home thus increases.

The above mentioned are just some simple tricks to deceit the burglars and keep the home and the family members safe.

Crime Alert Nashville

Here are some updated Nashville area crime alerts for June 13th, 2013. Keep your home security updated and do not allow burglars to enter the house. Ensure all your locks are modern and new. Get rid of the old locks as soon as possible and secure your house with the best residential locks.


The above table displays the most recent crimes that has happened in Nashville, Tennessee. These include assault, vandalism, theft, arrest and other crimes.

5 Steps to Better Home Security in Nashville


Housing (Photo credit: james.thompson)

Make Sure Your Home Looks Occupied

Burglars avoid breaking into the house when it is occupied by someone. They often break open unoccupied houses. Hence, make sure your home looks occupied even though you are out of your house. A great way of doing this is to keep the lights on.
Install an Alarm System
Nowadays, several different kinds of alarm systems are available and you may choose the one as per your needs. The basic purpose of alarm system is to enhance the security of the house. There is no need to spend a huge amount in buying fancy alarm systems. Best choice would be a simple home security alarm system that does the job and does not costs you much.
Replace the Old Doors, Windows and Locks
All the old doors, windows and locks must be replaced. Burglars take this as an advantage and break into the house. It is better, not to provide any chance to burglars so that they can easily break the old locks and doors and enter the house. Calling a professional Nashville TN Locksmith like ABC Lock and Key will surely help in making your home safer than before. A professional hand can make your home more secure as all the old and worn out locks would get
replaces with newer and more solid ones causing nightmare for the burglar.
Install Peepholes on Doors
Peepholes are a great way to check the identity of the person knocking the door. A simple trick like a Peephole can go a long way in avoiding break ins into your house. If you have older people in your house then it becomes even more necessary. Older people can first see and confirm who is knocking the door and then open the door.
Own a Pet
Pets are man’s best friend. Owning a pet, especially a Dog restricts the entry of the burglar. Thieves generally do not enter houses where there is a Dog as they have the fear of getting caught. But, nowadays burglars have become smarter than before and they know how to befriend a dog. Hence, I will not recommend to solely opt for this tip.
The best way to secure your home in Nashville, Tennessee is to install modern home security systems and remaining attentive.