Why You Need a Home Security System in Nashville?

Getting a home security system in Nashville, Tennessee is important due to the increasing crime rates in the city.

The Reasons – 

Over 3.7 million home burglaries occur globally every year

7% of those burglaries involve a violent crime

Types of Security Systems 

Here are the types of security systems that you can install by calling any cost friendly residential locksmith services in Nashville like ABC Lock and Key.

Alarm Screens –  Fits in windows and raises an alarm when the screen is punctured.

Fire Alarm – Raises an alarm when it sees smoke and alerts you and the fire department.

Video Surveillance – Enables to keep an eye on your home using video cameras.

Other Tools and Systems

Touchscreen Keypads

Motion Detectors

Multiple Security Cameras

Digital Recorders


Is Your Business Vulnerable to Burglary?

If you are a business owner then the very thought of burglary in your commercial premises can take away your sleep. So, what precautions are your taking in order to keep your business safe from attackers and thieves? Well, if you are still confused then here are a few tips for having a safe business place.

English: Downtown Nashville

English: Downtown Nashville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1- Use proper lighting – Always light up your office even when it is closed. There must be some kind of lighting in the office in order to disallow the burglars to break into the office building by using darkness as a medium.
2- Have a guard- Keep a guard in your office who will stay awake and ensure that there are no problems taking place in your business area.
3- Have Dogs- You can even opt for some trained dogs and keep them to support the guards in order to prevent burglary.

4- Install an alarm system- Have a superior alarm system installed in the office as technological innovations is the best way to stop the thieves.

Important Contacts to keep handy in Nashville

Nashville Sheriff Davidson County
ABC Locksmith Services Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville Alarm Systems