New Law Enforcement Cameras to go up in East Nashville TN

As per a recent report published on the Nashville City Paper, new range of law enforcement cameras is set to go up in East Nashville, Tennessee. These cameras would be great for controlling crime and will provide additional evidence from the place of crime. These cameras are up on the areas Shelby Avenue, Lafayette Street and Gallatin Pike.

These new cameras will use the latest wireless technology and will help the Nashville police in supervising crime around the area. These cameras will allow the police to view suspected activities from their office computers.


Photo Credit:- Nashville City Paper

It is a good move by the Nashville council to stop the increasing crime rates. These type of high end security cameras should also be opted by the business and residents. This will allow each and every suspected activity to be recorded, helping the police take superior actions accordingly. The local locksmiths are busy with the installation of security cameras in both residential and commercial areas.